London Rocket Training Testimonial

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This is something one of the students that attended the training wrote.

I was already convinced of how awesome the Rocket was during our time together, but since then I've experienced even more of its transformative power and it's forever going to change the way I practise and teach. Yesterday in one of my corporate classes, we were practising on carpet and I practically slid into the splits – I was about an inch off the floor and I couldn't believe what was happening! I've been working on that pose for many years. Also I've been digging that Headstand to Elbowstand transition you showed us ☺️ So grateful for the experience we had at Chroma – I'll never forget it πŸš€πŸ’–βœ¨
Big love,
Anouska Shenn / Yoga Teacher
London Rocket Trainers

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