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Rocket Yoga Academy Mission

My mission is to bring authenticity to the Larry Schultz method of Rocket yoga practice and philosophy through my experience of studying the Rocket with Larry for a period of more than 10 years. My goal is to maintain and preserve the teachings of the Rocket as they were taught to me in San Francisco. 
Amber Jean-Marie Senior Rocket Yoga Instructor
Amber Jean-Marie Gean is the founder of Rocket Yoga Academy

Amber Gean discovered the Rocket in 2000 from her beloved teacher, Larry Schultz.

She has been a part of the Rocket family ever since. She studied very closely with Larry from 2000- till his passing in 2011. Amber opened Yoga ah in 2007, which is a full service Ashtanga and Rocket studio. She facilities Yoga teacher training and Advanced Rocket training methods and has worked with 1000's of students studying the art of instruction.


Currently Amber Jean-Marie is one of the top Rocket instructors in the world and spent more time with Larry studying than any other Rocket instructors that are currently teaching. She has written and helped improve Rocket materials not only for her school Yoga ah but also has offered writing for It’s Yoga International. Some of her students have gone on to open It’s Yoga franchises as well as open their own studios under different names. 


She is a teacher of teachers and will help you refine your teaching script as well as give you the tools to be more confident in adjustments and sequencing.


Next Rocket Training 5 Day intensive
Rocket 1 and 3
November 15th - 19th
Yoga ah Studio
4046 Hamilton Ave. 

Cincinnati OH, 45223


This training will be combing Bottle Rocket and Rocket 1 for new students and Rocket 3 for returning students. Amber Jean-Marie has found that bringing many levels of practitioners together in a Rocket setting gives the new students a chance to learn from the more experienced ones and the returning students a chance to practice teach more advanced sequences to newer students.


Inquire at yogaahstudio@gmail.com


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