The Current State of Yoga

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What is going on with the current state of yoga? What I see with my eyes in our current yoga state is that there are not as many traditional Ashtanga yoga instructors now as there were when I first started practicing in 1999. When I took my teacher training in 2000, I was already exposed to Primary series of Ashtanga and when I first started facilitating yoga teacher trainings so were the students in attendance. Back in the early 2000’s Pattabi Jois was still alive and most of us had a basic understanding of what Ashtanga yoga was, these days the students coming into the trainings don’t even know who Pattabi Jois was!

In my early days of practice I took classes and workshops with many traditional Ashtanga yoga instructors. I was laid on and pushed into deep backbends, and hip openers, I always thought  I was never doing the poses correctly, and it ruined my self esteem as well as possible leave me with aches and pains that I may carry the rest of my life. That is one reason that when I met Larry and saw his approach  to Ashtanga and learned the Rocket it changed my life. He talked to me about empowering my inner teacher and told me that I didn’t need those deep 'Mysore' adjustments for my practice to blossom. He taught me how to build the poses breath by breath and gave me the tools for self home practice.

What happened to me early on in my yoga practice has definitely shaped the kind of teacher that I am today. One of my favorite corrections to a new student is to tell them NOT to push as hard in their backbends and take their time by using a wall to create strength in their core and back and the flexibility comes over time! When new students come into a teacher training with me I teach them a lot about the history of Ashtanga and show them how we are varying from the tradition to keep our teaching safe and accessible. Some call me the Rocket Girl but really I’m just a person who has been practicing and studying yoga for a fairly long time, I just happen to be a big believer in the Rocket as a system that allows the practitioner to practice for a very long, long, long time!! Krishnamychara said “ a good yoga instructor can teach anyone” and thats what I like to show people how to do. How to teach anyone.
There are too many hodge poge of yoga styles these days. From yoga practiced in extreme heat to vinyasa yoga that has a whole bunch of stuff thrown in for no reason and too many instagrammers that are demoing dance moves instead of real yoga. So what is it? It’s confusing for a new practitioner to see what is what. However I do attract yogis that really want to learn about real yoga and how really what we are doing is accumulating prana or life force energy. Also a big part of what I do is show people how to lead safe, accessible Ashtanga classes. This practice is a blessing and the more you do it and share it the better you feel! So start today!! and as always be inspired~

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