The Rocket System of Yoga Trainings

Rocket Girl is a community women and men who love to practice Rocket Vinyasa yoga together. Some of us are instructors and some of us are deepening our practice.

Rocket Girl offers Rocket Trainings in the Larry Schultz Rocket System based in Ashtanga.

Our trainings will give you the foundation to take your practice and life to the next level.

The Rocket is a full body system of practice offering different routines that make you more strong and more flexible. Attending Rocket training will awaken your inner teacher and give you the tools to soar on and off the mat!

All of our trainings are accredited with Yoga Alliance Professionals of United Kingdom.  

Our Advanced Rocket trainings are currently facilitated by Amber Gean who studied with Larry for over 11 years.

Rocket Training Application (click to complete application online)

What you learn in the training:

Amber Gean Rocket Yoga 2015
  • Physical Components 
  • Rocket Routines
    • Bottle Rocket - GREAT FOR BEGINNERS
    • Rocket 1 - Forward bending and core
    • Rocket 2 - Backward bending and arms 
    • Rocket 3 - Mixed levels
  • Cross Training
  • Spotting and Assisting 
  • Rocket transitions
    • from headstands to arm balances
    • arm balances to handstands
    • mula bandha check up into arm balances
    • weight transfer into the hands
    • floating back and forth in the Sun Salutations
    • jump backs from seated postures
    • inversions and handstands from standing postures
    • arm balances and inversions from seated positions
    • creating fluid movement throughout your practice
    • floating with control vs. ballistics
  • Fine Tune Your teaching voice and script
  • Studying “The System”
    • History of the Rocket
    • 6 day a week practice schedule
    • Larry Schultz Philosophy
    • Pacing and tempo
  • Learning the “Mechanics of Flight”

 Learn the Rocket as taught by Larry Schultz

2 lead Rocket practices daily
3 hours of teacher training daily
Rocket sequences
Rocket theory and philosophy
Lunch Daily
Graduation Dinner