What is the Rocket?

"Larry Schultz originally created the Rocket to make Ashtanga yoga more accessible to the masses." - Amber Gean

Facts about The Rocket :

  • Based in traditional Ashtanga yoga
  • Offers routines for every day of the week
  • Named from Bobby Weir of the Grateful Dead
  • Original Power Yoga
  • Flourished in San Francisco at Larry's studio It's Yoga
  • Offers cross training methods to "get you there faster"
  • Is known for its fun transitions
  • Has lots of modifications for beginners
  • Today Larry's students continue the teaching 


Rocket yoga consists of three different routines, Rocket I, Rocket II and Rocket III. It has a total of 140 poses (taken from the Primary, Intermediate, 3rd and 4th Series of Ashtanga yoga) and is designed to give students a weekly practice schedule to follow. The routines are sequenced around the joints of the body and provide more strengthening moves and deeper flexibility poses to give students the ability to practice inversions and more advanced poses. The Rocket also provides modifications to the poses, and thus, opens the practice up to many different levels of practitioners. Because it allows all levels of students to practice together, it has been nicknamed “The Montessori School for Yoga.” The Rocket is a modern form of an ancient practice, and as such, we allow the Rocket to guide us on our spiritual path as the yogis that have come before us. We use the Rocket as a tool to clear our minds, strengthen our bodies and ultimately self realization. 

The Rocket is a system and offers routines for everyday of the week. That is why the Rocket works it keeps your body and your life in balance. This is the practice schedule.

Sunday - Primary Series or Modified Primary

Monday - Rocket 1 or Bottle Rocket

Tuesday - Rocket 2 or Bottle Rocket

Wednesday - Rocket 2 or Bottle Rocket

Thursday - Primary Series or Modified Primary

Friday - Rocket 3 or Happy Hour which combines Rocket 1 and 2 

Saturday - Day of rest

Larry Schultz (1950-2011)Larry Schultz was an influential American yoga instructor. He studied traditional Ashtanga yoga with Pattabhi Jois for a number of years, starting in the early 1980’s. He then began instructing first in Austin, TX and after that in San Francisco. He was one of the first yoga instructors to develop a yoga teacher training program. Hundreds of yogis traveled to San Francisco every year to learn “The System,” as Larry fondly called it. Larry developed beginner-friendly sets of routines called the Minimum Daily Requirements (MDR) and Modified Primary Series (MPS), in order to make Ashtanga yoga accessible to the masses. He later developed the Rocket sequence of routines while on tour with the Grateful Dead as their private yoga instructor. Named by Bobby Weir, the sequences are designed to help students progress their practice at a faster rate. Larry taught up into the time he left his body in 2011. Today his most dedicated students continue his teachings.