Summary of 500 Hour Rocket Trainings
Recognized by Yoga Alliance Professionals United Kingdom

Planting the Seed of the Inner Teacher

200 Foundations of how to lead safe Ashtanga and Bottle Rocket classes

  • Develop a personal practice
  • Learn Larry Schultz philosophy 
  • Verbal and Physical Adjustments

Feeding the Seed in the Art of Sequencing and Transitions in the Rocket System

150 Hours Training

  • Become grounded in the Rocket Yoga sequences
  • Refine your voice and instructing style
  • Strengthen your core
  • Practice arm balances and inversions 
  • Cross Training

70% Contact Hours
30% Self Study

Growing the Wings of Wisdom to Fly

  • Learn how to set up your teacher training 
  • Become 500 hour certified in the Rocket yoga system 
  • Deepen your understanding of philosophy in the self realization teachings of Swami Yogananda 

70% Contact Hours
30% Self Study