Rocket Trainers

Amber Gean

Amber Gean-Marie Espelage 

Instructing since May 2000
500 Hour Rocket Trainer 
Creator of Yoga ah Studio in 2007

Amber Gean-Marie Espelage

Amber is the creator of Yoga ah! Studio. She has studied classical ashtanga with Tim Miller, Lino Miele, and Chuck and Maty Miller. She credits Larry Schultz with being her most influential teacher. She trained with him at It's Yoga San Francisco in Spring 2000, where she earned her 200 RYT and was introduced to the Rocket. Once she met Larry she veered away from the traditional Ashtanga practice and adopted Rocket Yoga sequencing as her main practice and teaching.

Amber Gean is registered teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals as a senior yoga instructor with over 15 years of experience and over 10,000 hours of teaching and teacher training experience.  

Amber Gean opened Yoga ah! in 2007in Cincinnati Ohio. When her guru Larry Schultz left his body in 2011 Amber began writing and assembling a 500 hour Rocket yoga training course so that she may continue Larry's work on the Rocket. 

As of 2016 her 500-Hour Ashtanga and Rocket Yoga training course has been recognized by the Yoga Alliance Professional in the United Kingdom. 

She is a pioneer in the modernization of Ashtanga and Rocket Vinyasa Yoga and honors the lineage of Krishnamacharya.


2007–Present Owner, Instructor, Teacher Trainer Yoga ah Studio.

2000–2011  Teacher Training Assistant It’s Yoga Cincinnati/ It's Yoga San Francisco/ It's Yoga Vancouver/ Nauliland Sonoma

2000–2007 Instructor (8 classes/week) It’s Yoga Cincinnati.

2000 Teacher Training Graduation It’s Yoga San Francisco

Senior Rocket yoga instructor


Keena Stricker

Keena has been part of the Yoga ah! family since 2011 when she graduate the 200-hour level ashtanga yoga teacher training. She then went on to complete her Rocket Yoga training with Amber in 2012 at the 100-hour level. In addition to instructing classes at Yoga ah!, she assists in the yoga teacher training courses here at the studio. Keena brings lots of experience and compassion to all her classes. Her classes are soothing and help students focus on intentions and meditations for their practice.

Hope Koehler

Hope joined the Yoga Ah family in February 2019 after finishing her 200-Hour teacher training. Hope teaches yoga because she loves to touch the mind, body, and spirit. She adores sharing secrets for inner peace with open minded souls. She views yoga as a special journey where everyone starts from the same place. You begin simply by showing up to the mat...the rest will come. Every day that you move your body it smiles and thanks you. Yoga is a multifaceted and multidimensional lifestyle to assist us in living healthier. It is available to anyone, regardless of flexibility. 

Emily Hunt

Emily has been regularly practicing yoga for 8 years. She completed her 200-hr teacher training with Amber Gean in 2015. Her passion is teaching yoga to children , so her adult classes are in-depth but with a playful approach. She completed her 72-hour kids yoga certificate with Harris Lender through Kidding Around Yoga in Tampa Florida and 300 hours of Ashtanga and Rocket-based yoga training through Yoga Ah in Cincinnati and abroad with Amber Gean as well as with David Kyle.
She has assisted in numerous 200-hour Foundations Trainings and 60-hour Rocket Trainings through Yoga Ah with her teacher Amber Gean Espelage, nationally and internationally.


Emily Hunt
Busy Being | Kids Yoga Creative


Katie Harten

Katie Harten has been very active with sports and outdoor activities her whole life which reflects into her daily life, practice and love for yoga. In college she studied Pilates at Cincinnati State and later 200 hr YTT for Ashtanga Yoga with It’s Yoga in 2013. In 2016 she practiced Aerial Silks with Brittany Neagel, founder of Elevated Silks, and in 2017 she began practicing Rocket Yoga taught by Amber Gean owner of Yoga Ah Studio, who was taught by Larry Schultz the founder of the Rocket system. She has since received 150 hrs in training of the Rocket system. In 2018 Katie assisted a Costa Rica Yoga training and surf camp and completed a 15 hr Busy Being Kids Yoga training for adults with Emily Hunt to teach kids in and out of schools mindfulness and has since partnered with Project Yoga and Skool Aid. Her zeal for nature, adventure and sunshine is reflected in every practice which inspires students to be creative, be brave and laugh!


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